Black Hat vs White Hat SEO - Differences You Need to Know

Complete guidance about differences between Black Hat vs White Hat SEO. You must know those difference so that you may create a successful blog.
This topic is all about to Black Hat VS White Hat SEO, so today we will only discuss on Difference between Black Hat SEO VS White Hat SEO. These are the techniques which are used to try to improve the search engine ranking of a site, website or blog. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to promote a blog or website on SERPs of search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Without doing proper SEO no one can improve ranking of any site, so this is compulsory task. As you know there are two types of methods for doing any work or activity, one is positive and the second is negative. Always do a work with positive thought and activity because it works for a long time but in other hand doing an activity by using a negative force only work for a short time not for long term.

Black Hat VS White Hat SEO

What is Difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

There is a huge difference between Black and White Hat SEO. I have described all major and well know symbols below to stay yourself update from those search engine optimization techniques and activities.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is a term to get Traffic and ranking with abusive techniques which force Search Engine bots to look at a specific website or web page to rank it. As I said above that this kind of devil practice works only at first. Because Google has developed many algorithm tools to stop and remove these types of techniques, as Google says this is bad habit and it create difficulties in the way of SE to show most relevant results in front of users from all over the world. If you do not know what are the symbols of Black Hat SEO then I have described its some common examples, see below and try to avoid from such these kinds of practices…

Keyword Stuffing
Keyword Stuffing means use of excess keywords including irrelevant words in post such as above 5% keywords density. This is the common well known devil practice and Google surely caught this type of negative work with its updated algorithm tool in some short time. So you should avoid from it and you must use keyword density in the range of 2% to 3%, some time people use till 5%, as it does not come in keyword stuffing but you should create a balance in your content to make your post clean in the eyes of SE.

Do not use focus keyword more than two in Post Title, Meta Description and Headings in article as it comes against Google’s Policy and guidelines. So write SEO articles with carefully…

Use Copyrighted Contents
As I told you many times in some previous posts not to copy others content because it is a bad extremely bad habit for example you make money by serving your services to others then someone keeps that money away from you, then you will surely want to punish that person.
Hidden Text in Content!
Hidden text means textual content which visitors cannot see but it still readable for search engines. Many spammers use this way but hidden text is recognized as search spam by each and every major search engines such as Google.
Link Farms!
Link Farm is the process of exchanging reciprocal links with other websites in order to increase SEO of any site. The goal behind link farming is to boost ranking of a website on search engines by increasing number of sites which links to yours. As Google consider a site best with lots of quality sites that links to your website, therefore now a day many folks use this technique by selling and purchasing links to other and their websites to increase the visibility on search results with higher page rank. Some sites are created links with automated programs and services.

Blog Spam or Comment Spam!
Blog spam means comment spam or spam in blogs, this type of activity is done using automatically posting various irrelevant comments in blogs or sometime promoting commercial services in comments with irrelevant topic. Blog Spamming is used to destroy competitive blog's ranking on search engines and those blogs will be targeted which accepts and display hyperlinks submitted from visitors in comments.

Scraping is another black hat SEO spamming technique in which the spammers try to plagiarizes other's content and put that popular content in their sites for the purpose of getting higher rank on search engines or for other selling advertising goals.

Paid Links!
Many companies are using this way by selling their high PR backlinks to others for the purpose of making money. This habit is also being used for boosting the link popularity and ranking on SE.
Also Doorway and Parasite Hosting includes in Black Hat SEO factors....

What is White Hat SEO?

On other hand White Hat SEO techniques is a natural way to get ranking and obtaining Relative Organic Traffic from Search Engines. This process has performed only for visitors and readers not for ranking on Search Engines. However the process of white hat SEO is a process that requires patience and results may take some time to appear on SERPs, I think this is the reason that many peoples who have no patience and they want only rank up in SE, surely adopt Black Hat Techniques. Probably they won’t know this kind of practice is only work for some time not for long time. I have mentions some of the best techniques you must follow to make your blog more friendly for both users and search engines.

Write Quality Content
As I consistently say to my all readers that always write quality content that perfect and easy to ready for users and readers. We should always try to write more useful content that will help users in future with easy method. Quality content means users like your content; if visitors will love with your work then Google will surely rank up your blog for long time whenever matter doesn't change.

Internal Linking
Internal Linking means to put links in your post to another relevant post with proper anchor link. This is one of the best activities to make your blog more reader friendly. It helps you to decrease bounce rate of your blog and helps to boost SEO ranking with proper results in search engine result pages.

Remember: Do not use internal linking with “nofollow” attribution tag.

Link Baiting
No doubt Link baiting is the fastest and legal way to increase PR and Value of your website with user friendly methods. It also helps you to make an awesome relation with others. Link baiting is a best practice to craft content which  is designed to obtain other content producers to link to it. The purpose of link baiting is to increase the number of inbound links to your content and improving its performance in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Site Optimization
Site Optimization is the first thing you must follow. Site Optimization means choose an eye catching design that fulfill requirements for both users and search engines. Fast loading speed in blog is a best way to boost ranking and attract visitors to your blog, so try to make you blog light weight that loads in just few seconds. Because speed of a site is make a big impact on ranking. Choose a premium design that perfect for your topic and users. Create an easy to navigate options in your website so that visitors could easily be navigated through site.

These are the big differences and major symbols of White Hat vs Black Hat SEO. If you have any other suggestion or question in your mind regarding to Black Hat vs White Hat SEO then let me by drop your comment in below comment section. I will always try my best to response your question within 12 to 24 hours, so thanks for reading this article. If you like this article then kindly does not forget to share this post with your friends.