3 Easiest Ways to Stop Spam Comments in Blogger

Do you want to know that How to Stop Spam Comments in BloggerBecause this tutorial is all about to prevent Spam Comments in Blogger. Comments are the great ways to build community for a blog but if those comments will be using for spamming then it may ruin any website's value and ranking. Now a day many spammers are using this technique to drop different site's value by leaving unnatural links (irrelevant links) which aren't related to the blog's niche . Mostly Blogspot blogs have been affected by this techniques due to not properly settings up blogspot comment system, on other hands there are many free plugins available on the internet market which helps to prevent your blog from Spam Comment in WordPress. So in this post we only learn that how can we protect our blogger blog from spammy comments easily. But first we should know that what are spammy comments and how they affects to any site ranking...

Stop Spam Comments Blogger
Stop Spam Comments Blogger

What are Spam Comments?

Comment Spam are those activities which are doing for aiming to drop links value of a website, its created  whenever someone including bots, machine or a human leave an irrelevant comment on a blog. Filthy people try these bad habits for aiming to drop competetor sites's rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

So if you are a webmaster and receive lots of spam then you can easily prevent your blog from those activities just by following ways. I have described three best but affected ways to stop spamming from your blogspot blog. Sop ready carefully and follow heartedly. Then you can surely get a rid from them. Okay lets start...

3 Simple Ways to Stop Spam Comments on Blogger

Below are simple to use methods which will be more convenient to you. By using one of below techniques you would successfully get a rid from spamming but if you apply all the below techniques then you will be 100% safe from spammers. So it's upto you that what do you want to do with your blog.

I used all techniques described below on my website to make my site more secure, so should also try them...

1# Prevent Spamming on Blogger

By using this method you will stop spam comment from auto publish. It is not so difficult as you think just follow the below simple to understand tips.

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Posts and Comments
2. Comment Moderation, Choose "Sometimes"
3. Now below it put your Email Address where you want to send comment before publish, so that you could read that comment and publish it after investigate that whether it is irrelevant or not.
4. Now click on "Save Settings" button to save your settings
5. You have successfully complete first process. Now got second one...

Post and Comments Settings

2# Stop Spam Comments in Blogger using AntiSpam JavaScript Code

This JavaScript code will automatically delete all links including spammy links, so you need not worry it. Whenever someone leave a comment with irrelevant link it will automatically remove by this JavaScript Code and your blog will be safe and sound. Sp do hurry and try out this AntiSpam code.

1. Log into Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML
2. Now search for </body> and paste the below set of code just above </body>

<!--Stop Blog Comments -->
<script>$('.comment-content a[rel$=nofollow]').replaceWith(function(){return ($(this).text());});
<!--Stop Blog Comments -->

3. Now click on Save template button
You are done.

3# Stop Spamming using Disqus in Blogger Blog

Disqus is a third party comment hosting service founded by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan for websites and online communities. Nearly all webmasters are using this free service in their sites to make their blogs more user friendly and more securely. No problem whether you are on WordPress or on Blogspot because it can be used with any blog publishing platform. I am using Disqus on my all blogs and its services and features are awesome like users can comment using several accounts such as Gmail ID, Facebook and Twitter. Users can also ask their questions with its own Disqus account id. I have described its features that i like like...

Features that i actually like:
  • It is simple and user friendly than others
  • It has Powerful AntiSpam System for Spammers
  • Users can easily make a comment with their Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook Account IDs
  • If a user doesn't want to use its social media account then he/she can login with Disqus account
  • It support all blogging platforms
  • It is trusted worthy third party service for every webmaster
  • And much more others

Final Words

I always do my best to publish more and more quality articles which helps to my all readers with ease. So if you have any question or suggestion about Prevent Spamming on your blog then fell free to contact with me, i will eagerly try my best to reply your all questions and suggestions. So keep visiting my site to get more latest and quality Blogger Tips and Tricks.