Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Simple Facebook like Widget for Blogger

Simple Facebook like Widget for Blogger

Simple Facebook like Widget for Blogger
Wednesday, 21 January 2015
In previous tutorial we discussed about adding Facebook Pop up like Box for BlogSpot websites that popups every time whenever a new user visit your blog, it also helps to increase your website’s Facebook likes. But some folks do not like to use pop-up functions in their site so today I am going to share with you a Simple Facebook like Box for Blogger that make your blog awesome and by using this widget your readers can easily be found your FB page and surely they will like and share your page with their colleagues and friends to visit your site.
As you know Facebook is a large social sharing network brand having billions of users around the world. If you have more FB fans then the more chances to increase your audience and fans. It also grows your site brand and value on the World Wide Web. Likes on Facebook is necessary for both website and it SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Without using Social Media Networks you cannot get success in blogging journey, by using social networking every blogger can get quality Backlinks and a good relations with related niche blogs by grouping and commenting on other groups.

Facebook Like Box for Blogger

Many Pro Bloggers often say that social sharing is a best way to boost ranking, Value and audience of you site. So if you really want to add Facebook Like Box in Blogger then you might be read the below instructions guide carefully and should apply the same settings for your page. So do not late let start…

How to Add Simple Facebook Like Widget in Blogger

Before adding FB box you must have a FB fans page, if you have not created Facebook fan page yet then first create it by reading this post. By reading that post you will be able to build your own page. So after creating it follow the below step by step easiest guide with screenshots.

How to Embed Code for Simple Facebook Like Box
1. First visit Facebook Developers Page
2. Now fill the from with required information like the below instructions

Facebook Page URL: Enter your Complete FB Page URL Address, It is necessary step for making fans box.
Width: Here select desire width size appropriate to your blog’s sidebar i.e. we have selected width as “300”, because it perfectly suits our blog.
Height: This is the same step as the above; we should choose balanced size height which should be same according to width, like we have choose “270”.
Color Scheme: This is basically background color of the box, if you are using white colored template then kindly select “light” shade color and if using black colored theme then select Dark. As we are using white color Blogger Template, so we have selected light scheme.
Show Friend’s Faces: If you want to hide your friend’s faces then simply uncheck that box to hide. But it is not recommended by us. Kindly do not uncheck this option otherwise your friend’s faces will not be showing
Show Header: By unchecked this option header will be removed, as we have removed header on our box. Because it does not looks good. So in my opinion uncheck this option.
Show Posts: Do not use this option, because by if you will use this option then posts on FB will be displaying on your box. So also leave this option.
Show Border: Borders are the bounding lines around the FB Fan Box, so should use this option to make widget more beautiful.

Recommended: If you are confusing to read the above descriptions then simply doing the same settings we are applying in the below screenshot.

Facebook Developers

3. After doing complete settings, kindly click on “Get Code” button.
4. Now a page will appear in the front of you named “You Plugin Code
5. Here click on “IFRAME” tab and copy that code (Hold ctrl+c button to copy)

IFRAME Plugin Code

How to Insert Embed Code in Blogger Blog
1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Layout, click on Add a Gadget Link then scroll down and select HTML/JavaScript option
2. Now paste the above code that you recently got and copied by doing the above steps
3. Click on “Save” button to save you settings. You are done

These are the easiest steps to Add Simple Facebook Like Box in Blogger blog, so if you have any confusing about it then do not be hesitate, just drop your comment in below portion to contact with us. (Thanks for reading this article and always remember me in your prayers)
Simple Facebook like Widget for Blogger
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