PayPal No Longer Approves Payoneer USPS & Bank Accounts

Currently Paypal no longer approving payoneer bank accounts and other USPS (US/EUR Payment Request) due to some security issues, As Paypal Community staff said that Paypal no longer compatible with Payoneer nor other virtual Banks but Traditional Bank accounts may be used if you already have one. I am sorry to say that it is true, it is really bad news for those who want to make money online through Freelancing, Blogging and all other similar online activities. As you know Paypal is a famous international digital e-commerce money transfer company that is used by almost all online users related to business.

Paypal not compatible with Payoneer

At this time I have mentioned some caused which are described below:
  1. Currently Paypal has stopped to accept the verification of paypal accounts using Payoneer Bank Account and its Prepaid Master Card
  2. Paypal Has stopped to accept new payoneer USPS and its MasterCard linking
  3. Traditional Banking Accounts can be approved Only
I came to know this issue when I was trying to link and verify Payoneer Bank account with Paypal for my nephew 5 days ago, at that time I was considered it some online issues and I decided to verify it later, but I don’t know that it was a major problem. So if you have new payoneer account and Mastercard then sorry to say that you might not be verified and accepted becuase paypal no longer approves Payoneer bank accounts. But the life is not ended, there are many alternative ways are available for you and your business.
You can see that what do their staff say to their users?

Staff on payoneer forums

Withdraw money from paypal

What to do old members (Who have already verified)?
If you have already verified your account before this problem created, then you need not worry about that, your status will be stayed as verified.

What to do new member (Who are not verifying)?
If you are online entrepreneur then does not so panic because life is not ended due to this problem. There are lots of other online transaction companies are available in the world but if you have some money in your pay-pal account then you can exchange them into Pakistani Rupees by sending your dollars to trusted money ex-changers in Pakistan. We also exchange pay-pal dollars into PK Rupees, so you can exchange money with us by sending your dollars to us but the process will take 1 to 2 days long. If you really want to exchange your funds then visit our contact us page for contacting us.

Final Words: You do not need to become worried about that why paypal no longer accepts payoneer bank accounts and us postal services. Meanwhile, I must search another way to withdraw money from your paypal account in Pakistan, whenever I will find a best alternative way then I will share with you in this post.