Redirect non www to www using Godaddy and .htaccess

Fully guidance about redirecting non www to www in Godaddy and htaccess with step by step method with screenshots.
Do you want to redirect non-www to www using Godaddy or .HTACCESS?

If you are answer is yes then you have come to the right place, here today we will explain that how to forward non www to www using Godaddy and .htaccess. Many users like newbies including my some friends often ask me many questions about this problem and they want to know its solution. I always try my best to solve my all readers and friends issues in daily life. When I was a newbies, I also do not know about this problem and I frequently search the best solution for solve this kind of problem but I did not find the exact answer as a newbie. So today I am a blogger having good experience about blogging, therefore now I am going to share with you a useful trick for both redirecting non www to www with .htaccess and Godaddy with easiest step by step methods.

Redirect non www to www

As you know Godaddy is the number 1 domain and Webhosting Company in the world having large number of customers due to its cheapest rates for domain names. But when you buy a domain for your blog from Godaddy then sometime it may happen that your blog address does not combine both addresses. This is more important because if you will not be automatically forwarding to non-www to www then search engines like Google consider it two sites and may be you face copyright issues for that from Google bots. Do not think that you are on WordPress or on Blogger, in this i article will share tips that will surely useful for all platforms.

Forward non-www to www using Godaddy

1. Login to your Godaddy Account
2. Click on “Launch” button for expanding your all domain list

Launch Domains
3. Now tick on that domain which you want to forward and then go to “Forwarding Domains” by simply hover your mouse on small arrow icon

forwarding domains

4. After the above step a pop-up box will appear named “FORWARDING AND MAKING”, here click on “Add one now >>” link

masking domains

5. Now another pop-up box will appear named “Add forwarding”, here first select “http://” and then enter your site address with “www”. After that select “301 (Permanent)”, in FORWARD SETTINGS then selcet “Forward only”, then click on “ADD” button.

forwarding settings

Remember: Uncheck “Update my nameservers and DNS settings”

6. Finally hit on “SAVE” button to save your settings.

click on save

Now wait for 1 to 3 hours for affecting. After 1 to 3 hours kindly clear your browser cache and cookies and restart your computer then check.

Redirect non-www to www with HTACCESS

If you are WordPress user then you must follow this step. In this step we will redirect by adding some codes in it. So let start…

1. Open your WordPress hosting .htaccess file and just copy and paste the below set of code in it and save you settings now you will see the magic

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]

Delete all browser cookies and caches or just refresh your page. Then type your naked domain name it will automatically redirect to full address with World Wide Web feature.

Forward non-www to www in Blogger

As you know blogger is a best free web publishing platform in the world having million of users. Fortunately you can easily almost any activity related to blogging in blogspot. It gives to its users nearly every professional service, so you can easily redirect your domain with your desire.

1. Login to your blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic, click on “Edit” link

edit blog address

2. Check this box to forward naked domain to World Wide Web feature

third psrty settings

You are done

Got Conclusion

If you are newbie and does not know more about blogging then these tips (how to redirect non www to www) are useful for Godaddy, htaccess and blogger. If you face any problem while doing this work then you can ask me any time. I am here to solve your problem.