Top 8 Untold SEO Tips in 2015 – Latest Techniques

Full guidance for Best SEO Tips in 2015 that will help you to make your blog high ranked in search engines with Latest Techniques.
Whenever matter comes to Search Engine Optimization then everyone want to know including newbie and Pro-Bloggers about SEO Tips in 2015 with updated techniques according to Search Engines Latest update such as Google and Bing. Google often makes little changing in Search Engine Optimization frequently as compare to Bing and approximately 80% traffic of any blog and website depends on Google. So many bloggers including expert webmasters often confuse about organic traffic and SERP, and they try to know more about its latest updating tools such as Google Penguin, Panda, Humming Bird and pigeon etc. These tools dynamically affects on PageRank, Author Rank and Search Engine Result Pages of your website. So in this post I am going to share with you Top 8 Untold SEO Tips in 2015 to keep your blog away from effects of these dynamic updates…

Untold SEO Tips in 2015
Killer SEO Tips in 2015

If you are new in blogging and want to know more about them then first you should know about Google SEO Tips 2015, because without this you cannot get success.

What is SEO – How to do Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is a Long term (White Hat) Technique to get Organic or Natural Traffic to your Blog or Website. By doing a proper SEO you can increase the visibility of you site and get more chances for improving your original SERPs ranking on search engines.

So keep in mind that never use Black Hat (Short Term) Tricks to improve the ranking and visibility of your website, if you do then after some days you will be caught by Google Algorithm Tools and then your blog will be ruined. So for escaping your site from them you must read these latest On Page Optimization Techniques in 2015, after reading and following those tips you should keep in mind below Untold SEO Tips 2015. Okay Let start…

Top 8 Untold SEO Tips in 2015

These are not so difficult because if you really want to keep your site live forever on Google Search Results to get organic Audience relating with your blog’s niche then you must keep them in your mind. With these techniques you will surely escape your website from all kind of Google Algorithms. So read carefully and politely…
Write Unique and Quality Content
Content is king and will always be. So every blogger should write unique and quality content for you blog. Do not copy articles from other sites otherwise you will be banned from Google in few days by its Panda and Penguin updates. These tools help Google to remove Thin and Copyrighted contents from its search results and help other sites for getting high ranks in tops search results. So always write minimum 500 hundred words with proper On Page customization in your blog. Because any topic could not clearly describe in few words, I mean in short article.

Search Engines always like user friendly blog that gives complete usability to its users including easy navigation and simple to read posts with proper headings and paragraphs. One more thing whenever you write an article, you should check your content whether your lines and paragraphs are plagiarized or not, after writing any content check it for Plagiarize. There are many tools are available on the web which helps to check pirate content. For ease, I have described some plagiarism checker tools that will help you for checking your articles for copy-writing. I personally use Small SEO Tools because it checks whole post before posting with clarity and near to me it is the best plagiarism checker tool ever.
Remember: Always being an honor and hardworking person. Do not copy/steal other’s data, create your own content and describe it with easy manner.

Get Social Sharing
Social Sharing is a best way to increase your traffic with widely range of visitors including readers. It also helps to increase the crawl rate for a website, so that search Engines index your posts properly and could give a rank your article on SERPs. Mostly bloggers use this technique to boost their blog traffic by sharing their posts on their social profile pages. You should also try this method and share blog articles on social pages so that you could get more other social visitors and readers. So create accounts on every major and famous social network like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc. And spread your all blog posts on social profiles and pages.

Update your Blog Regularly
This is the most important factor that helps every blogger to make his/her blog more crawled and more visible on Search Engine Result Pages. Because if you will regularly updating your blog with awesome unique posts then search engine will crawl your article on daily basis, with this method there are more chances that you could get high ranking on top result pages that Google show to its related internet user. So always try to publish posts on daily basis if you have time confusion i.e. you can use Desktop Reminder software that will remember you to publish posts on time.

Build Quality Backlinks
Backlinks commonly known as inbound links, incoming links, inlinks and Inward Links are incoming links which are received by a website/webpage from another webpage or website. Without Backlinks you cannot get success on internet blogging. Backlinks are much important for a blog ranking value because Search Engines frequently check the number of Backlinks of a website then it determines that website’s SERP Ranking, Popularity, Value and Importance on the web according to relating niche. So always try to get more quality Backlinks to your blog with white hat seo method, if you have more quality inbound links then the more chances of your website to get higher rank on Google top search results. You can get related niche Backlinks by commenting on others blog by leaving your site URL, Guest Posting on other websites, from Social Media Sites and so on.
Do you know about sites and blogs related to your website niche, if “no” then you can easily find sites relating to your niche by using the below networks.
These are the sites where you can easily find relative blogs to your niche by putting your main keyword and selecting appropriate category from the given list of available resources. When you click on “search” button, it will show many sites and blog as a result where you can make comments or publish a unique guest post for getting a quality backlinks to your site.
With the above website you can easily find relative forums similar to your keyword just write you keyword and click on search button to see the list of forums where you can join discussions and create Backlinks.

Try to pinging your blog frequently by using the below fast and reliable but free services.
Fast Loading Speed
All Search Engines always like a blog with fast loading speed. This is very important because Google crawls and index light fast loading sites which has light weight design that may also open on low internet connection. For making your website more fast with user friendly activities then you should remove unnecessary coding from your template settings like CSS and JavaScript codes. Try to host these Coding files on other external but reliable hosting servers like you can host them on Google Drive. Because if you host your CSS Style sheets and Other JavaScript Doing file on external hosting drive then your blog will be free of load. If you have WordPress blog or website then you can read the below post to make your site more smart and much fast by following instruction of the below post.

Use Fetch as Google
This feature is much useful than as you think, by using this feature a webmaster can easily index his/her site content post in few seconds manually. For example if you write an article with 1000 to 1500 words with unique and useful information then definitely you may want to index your that post immediately in SERPs, so by using it webmasters can easily submit their posts manually to crawl and index faster than usual. I personally use Fetch as Google feature for mostly Submit my all posts manually, so that Search Engines can easily find my post publish date and time, also could easily know that the original article is written by me (Original Author).

If you also want to submit your posts manually then follow the below easy steps to fetch as Google:
1. Go to Google Web Master Tools and login to your account
2. Now click on that blog where you want to fetch your post
3. Now go to Crawl >> Fetch as Google, now here paste your article URL address that you have recently published without your website URL Address.

For example I publish a post with this URL Address "" then I have to write only “/2015/01/best-seo-tips-in-2015.html” in fetch as Google blank bar.

Note: If you recently make a blog and want to fetch it then leave the box as blank, now simply click on “FETCH” button.

Mobile Friendly Blog
As you know now a day mobile devices are used by almost everyone on wide range. So always choose a responsive Template design for your website that perfectly fits on every electronic device such as Android Mobile, iOS Phone, and Tablet PCs etc. By using Mobile Friendly responsive template you can easily get more mobile visitors to your site. 2 Billion Users are using Smartphone Mobile Devices in the world to surf the web.

Download Blogger Templates as well as WordPress Themes that perfectly suits to you niche with mobile friendly design.

Bonus Tip: There are many more other SEO strategies told by SEO experts that will much beneficial for you. Some of the SEO strategies are Off Page Optimization techniques such as submit your site to High authority Web Directories and On Page Optimization Techniques such as wisely do a properly keyword research, choose a best keyword that has low competition, High Search Volume with Good Cost Per Click rate. By doing these SEO Tips in 2015 a blog will definitely get success even these techniques will surely useful in upcoming ages.

Final Words

These are simple SEO Tips which will help you a lot to boost you ranking on Google; I used the above techniques to rank my blog on search engines. As there are also more Untold SEO Tips in 2015 and other Search Engine Optimization tactics are available on other blogs written by professional experts that will help your blog to get rank on top results in Google. If you have any question then drops your comment.