Article Writing Jobs in Pakistan

Article Writing Jobs are the great ways to Make Money Online as a freelancer through internet  in Pakistan or in any country where you live. Millions of the peoples are earning some extra money by content writing to look after of his family. If you love to write, you can also earn money from it. There are thousands of websites available on the internet which need valuable and quality articles to keep their precious readers updated and they pays to its users a few dollars for your articles. Those websites also sell your content to other companies which need it.

Article Writing Jobs
Article Writing Jobs in Pakistan

If you are students and loves to do essay writing then you will surely interested in those jobs. Thus you have to write an article around 400 to 500 words and you will be paid in dollars by websites and companies which accept unique and quality contents. So in this post I am going to share with you these websites which accept posts. But before starting we should know more about Article Writing Jobs

What is Article Writing Jobs

Whenever a person writes a required quality post for someone i.e. companies and websites and get paid for his/her effort is called Content Writing Jobs. Basically these activities come into Online Jobs category.

If you are a freelancer and has an ability for writing then this type of category suits you and you will surely make a huge income from it as same as many other freelancers are earning from it. But in this post I will also share with you some Content writing tips, So you should read and follow them with carefully and apply them on your work. If you will follow these tips then you will definitely become a great paid writer.

Useful Article Writing Tips and Tricks

  1. Before starting share your personal experience and work with companies and websites
  2. Do research before writing
  3. Always select a Valuable Niche Topic for writing article
  4. Avoid English Grammar Errors and Spelling Mistakes
  5. Use Headings to explain your point of view
  6. Use short paragraphs in post, if paragraph is long then properly optimize it
  7. If you are writing for some products then mainly describe its best qualities and features
  8. At the end of the post write your own suggestion and opinion about the product as a professional man
  9. Give Solid, attracting and reasonable examples to companies and users about your topic

Online Article Writing Jobs in Pakistan

Okay now I will tell you companies names and a little description about them which accept posts and paid you for them. I only mention best, legitimate and high priced websites, so let me tell you…

Always Remember: Never pay for Making Money Online, because all the sites and advertising networks give you free facilities and services to work with them including Google Adsense and other legitimate networks. If some sites ask you to pay before working then they are 100% fake.
Writer Bay is a good network that gives you up to 20$ per page rate, that is awesome, but they want native writers. But if you are good writer then you can also earn money from this network. It allows to work on many topics like Accounting, Management, Marketing, Psychology, Medicines, Geography, History, Law and much more other categories. For more info click here to visit.
Zeeba.info gives you low rates as compare to the above mentioned network, but it supports 250 words article per 90 Pk rupees. If you are new then it is the good time to join this site and make money online through Zeeba.
It is a web content writing service founded in Bangalore, India. This company gives good rates as compare to others. But if you are well in English then do not wait, it is time to earn huge money from this site.
This is basically jobs searching site, which helps people to find your favorite jobs remaining in your city. If you want to work in your own city with desire topic then d not worry just visit it to find a reliable post to work.

If you are from Pakistan then visit www.Indeed.com.pk
If you are Indian then you have to visit www.indeed.co.in
If you relate with abroad such as England then simply visit www.indeed.co.uk
All below websites are jobs searching sites as same as above one.
  • Jobs.monsterindia.com
  • Jobrapido.com
  • pkjobs77.com
  • Jobsearch.naukri.com
  • Timesjobs.com
  • Odesk.com
  • Elance.com

Your Turn

These are all working sites that gives to its users good rates for Article Writing Jobs in Pakistan or any other country which you belong. If any question has raised about Content Writing Jobs then let me know. You can drop your comment in below comment section, i eagerly try to solve your problem.