How to Check Internet Speed in Pakistan

There are many sites and tools are available on the web which helps you to test internet speed, but in this article I will share with you best sites and tools to check internet speed on computer. By using these tools you can easily check my internet speed such as DSL Download and Upload streaming ratio, Bandwidth so that you could manage it by telling about browsing speed to your internet providers whether your connection support reliable browsing. Many peoples in Pakistan approximately daily tests their browsing speed by downloading softwares and uploading videos and pictures on Facebook, but by reading this post I going to mention many simple ways, so keep reading.
how to check internet speed

So in this article I will tell you about best genuine tools as I personally test my internet speed by using these ways, so it will definitely helps you to check frequency of PTCL DSL, PTCL Evo, Wateen Evo or any kind of Broadband connection. Basically these tools show you complete statistics of Broadband DSL, 3G Evo, Landline or whatever connection do you currently use. Okay let see the whole procedure to test your internet frequency

How to increase internet speed

There is no way to get unlimited high browsing frequency which makes the connection fastest till you buy a big business package from internet providers. But you can genuinely improve it by the below follow ways:
  1. Do not overload your system
  2. Do not install use too many browsers
  3. Keep safe and protects your windows from malicious viruses
  4. Tell your partners not to download files as it becomes a cause to slowdown your browsing if you have shared your connection
  5. Never open many pages in your browsers while surfing

Best ways how to check Internet Speed

Below best sites have been described below with instructions and guides, so that you could easily use them and get know the whole statistics about your dsl connection by using internet speed checker tools. By practicing below methods if you came to know that your connection has slow net then do not forget to complain your browsing pace/frequency with your nearly relative franchise to resolve your browsing slowdown time. It can be slowdown by using many browsers, so in my opinion always working with compatible and fast browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera mini and IE 9.

Note: For proper results, kindly close your all browsers and other online activities while serving the below websites, by this way you would get proper results.

In my opinion this is the first site created and managed by ookla that I recommends you to use and see complete statistics about your router. It shows download rate as well as upload rate. So by visiting this website everyone can easily see entire stats in just few seconds.

It is one of the best internet test speed blog that shows you downloading rate, uploading rate as well as ip address. Its mean visitors may also know about their ip addresses just with one click.

Speedtest.net.pk is the one of the first Pakistani website, where World Wide Web visitors can easily check their download and upload frequency as well as PING in milliseconds in just few seconds.

This website is best for seeing best results for PTCL services like Ptcl Evo, Broadband, 3g Evo and other DSl modems. So if you are Pakistani then you might be used this website as it also using ookla service to collect online stats activities.

Accurately test your Internet connection frequency with this powerful and simple bandwidth speed testing tool. Also improve your broadband speed with the truth.

Final Words

By reading this article and visiting above those websites you can simply check internet speed test and get know that how to improve internet speed check around the entire world. So if you know other sites better than those then let me know about this by comment on the below section. It is our right to guide all the readers and visitors with the appropriate knowledge. Also share this post with your colleagues and other friends if you like this article. (Remember me in your prayers)