Sunday, 28 December 2014

How to Change PTCL Broadband WiFi Password and Name

How to Change PTCL Broadband WiFi Password and Name

How to Change PTCL Broadband WiFi Password and Name
Sunday, 28 December 2014
PTCL is best and first high speed internet Providers Company in Pakistan that is covering whole Pakistan’s internet network; currently it supports 3G Service. Many folks including my friends frequently ask me that how to change ptcl wifi password of broadband modem, because Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd uses boring and irritating code by default that can easily be hacked by hackers. So if you want to safe your ptcl WiFi password and reliable internet browsing speed from then you should read this post carefully and apply these tips and tricks on your connection. As many people uses WiFi Hacking softwares to hack someone connection but if you will be changed then nobody can lop your internet connection, because hacking software only attacks on easy codes such as ptcl uses code like "9CA45868A", but if you change it into your desire secret code then you will remain permanently safe from suspicious attacks.

change wifi password of ptcl braodband

How to change wifi password and Name in Ptcl Broadband Modem

It is not any difficult task, it is easier like 1, 2, 3, but if you are newbie and have not a little bit knowledge then maybe it is difficult for you but if you follow my step by step guide then you will not face any difficulty, so read below instructions and get benefit from it…

What is Wifi
Wi-fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a facility that is allowing smartphones, computers and other electronic devices to connect with the Internet or communicate with one another without any wire within a particular area.

How to change your wifi password in PTCL Broadband

First I will tell you a method for changing wifi password of ptcl broadband, so read and follow the below instructions…
1. Type and visit this URL address link
2. Then a pop-up box will appear where you have to enter ptcl username and pass by default user and pass are same, so first try the below username and password:

User Name: admin
Password: admin
type username and password
If you are using new modem then may be the above username and password will not work, so kindly see your required information for opening the page on the backside of your DSL Modem and put those on popup dialogue box.

Remember: User name always is admin, so kindly see only the password behind your DSL Modem. If you are using new DSL Modem then please use the below info:
User Name: admin
Password: See on the back side of your modem like the below screenshot

Modem Info

Now you will see ptcl layout page, now click on Wireless and then click on Security now change “WPA/WAPI passphrase” with your desired secret code that you want to set, now hit the “Apply/Save” button to save your settings.
Note: You can also see your password in texts by simply clicking on “click here to display” link.

changing wifi password
You are done.

Changing your WiFi Network (SSID) Name

1. Go to Wireless >> Basic, and replace the default name with your desired name that you want to set and click on “Apply/Save” button.


Now you have finished your work.

Now Its your Turn
These are the simple ways that I have told you with step by step screenshots; hope you will understand the whole process on how to change your wifi password. If you face any problem while changing ptcl password then do not be shilly-shally and ask me immediately, your comment will be appreciated and your problem will be solved with sweet manner. By the way do not forget to share our posts with your friends.
How to Change PTCL Broadband WiFi Password and Name
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