Genuine Tips to Get Approved Google Adsense Account

Today I will tell you genuine tips to get Google Adsense Approved in Pakistan without any conclusion. Google Adsense is no doubt one of the best pay per click advertising program having awesome rates for its publishers. It allows all publishers which have unique content sites to serve naturally text ads, image and video ads and other related advertisements. If you have good quality content on your blog and have some decent traffic then you can make huge money with Adsense, but the problem is that not everyone can approve Google Adsense Application due to its strict rules and policies but it is not so difficult. In my opinion to get Google Adsense account approved in Pakistan, India, china even in all Asia is so simple. Thus you have to follow my all instructions, and then surely you will be happy with the results. So let’s see, what the tips…are

Genuine Tips to Google Adsense Account Approved in Pakistan

Below i am going to mention all the tips, which actually work for me, if you will read and do exactly i do then you will be accepted. So read them...
1. Top Level Domain
Always use Top Level Domain as it shows that you are professional Blogger and Serious about Blogging
Buy and work only with TLD (Top Level Domain), choose always .com, .net, .org or other related to these premium and professional domain extensions that suits to your niche. Domain name should be cleaned and short by name. If you have blogspot blog then its okay but Google accepts Top level Domain early and easily as it likes to show ads on professional blogs with Professional Domain address
2. Choose Best Professional SEO Friendly Template
Select Always SEO and User friendly Professional looking Template
Now a days a professional looking design acts an important role, Google Adsense Approve only those websites which has easy navigation, user friendly and good looking design website, if you have not one of these then you might not be accepted. In my opinion use latest but premium and SEO friendly template for your blog.

3. Duration before applying
Your blog should be 2-3 months old with minimum 23 unique posts before applying
Bloggers which are lived in Asia like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China and other Asian countries have to make your blog minimum 2 or 3 months old before applying to Adsense. Actually in my case my website www.bloggercell.com is 3 months old when I apply and I successfully approved by Google Genuine Account. It is not necessary to wait for 6 months, apply just after 2-3 months.

4. Unique Content
Google loves Unique Content filled websites and 100% accept them easily within 2-3 days
Unique Content is the main and main thing that will help your blog to accept your application in Google. If you have not written Quality and unique content on your blog then you are wasting your time, as search engine do not like copyrighted material posts. And Google has introduced Panda Update specially for removing poor content sites from search engine. So it is genuine and original step to make you accepted in this network.

5. Traffic Requirement
Traffic is not the reason for disapproving your application; you have minimum 100 pageviews / day on your website.
As I have said in above line that traffic is act the role for disapproving your application, if you have only 100 pageviews on your website then you might be accepted. When I apply for Google Adsense Account in Pakistan, my blog has 100-150 pageviews / day, and I got accepted.

6. Privacy Policy Page
Create a Privacy, Contact us and about us Page
Google has changed its policy, now you have to create a privacy policy page for your blog. When I was apply, I have privacy Policy, about us and Contact us page on my blog. So I suggest you to create all of them. It is the plus point and also necessary for your blog.

7. Put Original Details
Put your original details on Adsense Application form
After getting know about all above steps, apply for Adsense Account and in the form fill the right details with your original Payee Name (Your name on ID Card), Residential Home Address, Phone number and finally original Email Address that you owned. Please do not use fake information there.

Got any Problem

These are the Genuine Tips to Get Approved Google Adsense Account in Pakistan or in any Asian country. Read and Follow these tips carefully, and you will 100% surely be accepted by Google. Hope you would understand this whole article. If you got any issue while applying then comment below, your comment will be appreciated by heart.