Speed Up Windows 7 with 10 Simple and Easy Tips

As you know that everyone likes to use faster computer with proper optimized performance. For getting a proper speed we have to update our PC settings regularly for obtaining best performance but mostly users failed to make their computer's usability best. As you know Windows 7 is the best operating System ever and still widely used in the world due to its best and glossy features, so today in this article I am going to tell you 10 simple and useful tips to Speed up Windows 7. These speeding up windows 7 tips will help your PC to improve its performance better than ever, just follow see the below advisory options that you should use.
Speed Up Windows 7

How to Speed up Windows 7 with Simple and Easy Tips

Many of my friends asking me frequently that How to Speed up computer windows 7, therefore i wrote this post on it, so that anyone can get benefit from this including my friends and readers. Everyone can also speed up windows XP with below ways.
1. Clean up your Desktop
Always keep you desktop clean and clear. Do not put unused and unnecessary shortcut menu icons on desktop because it affects on your desktop graphic, open menu functions and causes of reducing refresh rate and speed. So, for gaining proper sharpness you have to clean up your desktop.

Windows 7 Desktop

2. Don't Run Automatically Start Programs function
This option also slowdown your Windows 7 or whatever any other operating system that you used. Do not run automatically start up programs features as it slows your PC when your CPU (Central Processing Unit) starts and it increase the load time which is not good.

3. Defragment your Hard Drive Partitions
Whenever you feel that the speed of Windows 7 has been slow and lazy then properly defragment your all disk drives especially C driver, because C drive partition has all record and data of the windows, so speed up windows 7 with defragmenting your all drives. See how to defragment drives:
  1. Go to "Properties" by right clicking on any partition
  2. Now go to "Tools" and then push "Defragment now..." button

4. Adjust OR Change Visual Effects for getting Better Performance
This option is only recommended for those who are using PC with slow speed or balance speed. If you want to make your windows faster then follow the below tips:
  • Hold Win+R to open Run function and paste here below code
  • Now select "Adjust for best performance" option and click on "OK" button
Adjust for Best Performance

5. Uninstall Unnecessary and Unused Programs
Do not install extra software's that you do not need to run on your pc, because it grab your disk's space and become the cause of slowness of your pc. So keep avoid from this way and if you have already install any extra software that you don't need then just uninstall them and save your disk space and keep your windows faster and healthy.

6. Scan your whole Computer Windows for Viruses and Spywares
Virus and malware are the main reasons which are heavily damage your machine performance and very slowdown your machine even you use core i3, core i5 or core i7. Install best and light weight antivirus that keep away your personal computer from malware such as Trojan, unwanted phishing, spywares and malicious viruses. Light weight Antivirus also helps your personal computer make faster. See below one of the best Antiviruses:
7. Install Ad Blocker extension in your Browser
This extension is more beneficial for those who used internet daily basis. Ad Blocker helps your browsing more securely, smoothly and with privacy, in other words Ad Blocker prevent your software and personal data from being malicious attacks and scripts.
8. Scan your Windows for System Errors and Registry Errors
Always keep registry setting clean and healthy without having any kind of error. There are many freeware software's are available on the internet market that prevent software form damages. Some best Registry Cleaners are listed below, just click on any link to download:
9. Clean Up your All Disks
Clean up disk helps to delete unnecessary and unused space that keeps your drives life healthy and make your drives run speedy and plane. How to clean up disk drives see below:
  1. Right click on any (desire) partition and click on "Properties"
  2. Now hit on "Disk Cleanup" Button and tick on all files, now click on "OK" button.
Disk Cleanup
10. Install Graphic Drivers (VGA Driver) from Auto Update Settings
Always keep your windows 7 up to date by installing newly and safe updates from its original developer site. I am not forcing you to download all types of updates but it is compulsory to install latest VGA (Video Graphics Adapter) Driver so that your machine could run faster and smoother. Because without latest Graphic driver your machine can not perform well. So i recommend you to try for this trick.

Got Conclusion

These are the best and simple methods for Speed up windows 7 with ease. If you got any conclusion then ask me freely, i am here to solve your problem OR if you have another ways to well perform your windows then do not forget to mention here.