How to Optimize Images to get more Traffic on your Blog

In this article we will learn that how to drive more traffic to website or blog by Optimize images. There are lots of tools are available in the internet market but in this post we will discuss genuine and manually ways, for more read this entire post...
As you know that traffic acts an important role in blogging journey, without visitors and readers your website can't get success and high ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. So in this article we will learn to optimize images to get more traffic on your blog or website with original and easy tips, so that our website could rank up on search engines. Today I will tell you genuine ways to drive traffic by optimizing images, pictures can help to attract more unique users to your website; for example you have create an amazing looking picture with related post tags and suddenly a visitor search that tag or related to same niche on Google search then it is possible that he must see your website’s post picture and shall want to see your content. Moreover robots can’t follow your web images but it follows and crawl your image tag and alt text. So let’s see that how to do image SEO:
Optimize Images
Optimize Images

How to Optimize Images to Drive more Traffic on your Blog

Below are the genuine manually ways to optimize images with those tips you can improve website search visibility and rank up on search engine, follow these useful tips:
1. Give Appropriate File Name
The first thing is to need to give a proper and valuable name according to the post content niche. Do not write long name as title give only 1 to 3 words. Try to put dashes (-) between words as it is not compulsory but it’s a plus point. Like we have added proper name in below photo for showing you an example:
add proper name
2. Compress Image Size
File Size is very important because large sized pictures increase loading time and slow down your blog’s performance, but its oppositely small sized photos helps to make our website load faster than ever. So always compress your photos then after upload them to your articles.
3. Give Proper Alt Text
Alt text is more necessary and compulsory step that originally helps to drive organic traffic to your blog. Alt text basically tells your images description to search engine bots that what the optimize images about then robots crawl your photo and give proper position in search engines to rank up your site search query. By HTML coding language you can add Alt text in pictures by putting the below line of code.

This code is without alt
<img src="paste-photo-link-here">
This code has alt option
<img alt="put-maximum-3-words" src="paste-photo-link-here">
Change red with your photo link and pink line with alt

How to add Alt text in Blogger Images

  1. Create a new post and upload your desire picture
  2. Now left click on picture then go to properties and put suitable description like we have added
4. Caption
This is optional tip but it can be proved as beneficial for your blog, you can add caption by selecting and clicking on "Add Caption" edit link. You can also add anchor link on caption name. Like we have added caption on above first picture.
These are best and genuine ways to Optimize Images to drive more traffic to your website or blog. If you got any conclusion in your mind then do not be hesitate, just comment on our blog but don't forget to share our posts if you like.