How to Speed Up WordPress Website and Blog with Easy Tips

Today i will be sharing with you a very informative post which is about that how to Speed Up WordPress Website and Blog. As you know that fast page loading speed is very necessary for every blog and website, every blogger tries their best to properly improve the speed of their blogs because proper page load speed of blog is much important to increase the chances of getting more visitors and readers, Search engines also depend on it. In this article i will explain eight useful tips to increase your website's speed and performance, as i personally use website speed test so these tips on my WordPress site and my site has awesome speed and best user navigation, so you should also try these helpful tips.
Speed Up WordPress Website

How to Speed Up WordPress Website and Blog

Below i will be telling you original and genuine ways to improve your website speed, so if you really want to Speed Up WordPress Website and know about those methods then read carefully and follow them:
1. Always Choose Good Host
The first and most important thing in Blog's speed is to choose best Hosting for your WordPress Website or blog, because your website needs of fast and reliable server. A Good hosting company contains fastest and more reliable servers which increase your blog's loading speed and do not slow down your blog. So if you are searching for best hosting then in my opinion you should choose Hostgator or BlueHost, because both are the best by their superb features.
  • Hostgator (HostGator is superb Hosting company having fastest servers)
  • BlueHost ( BlueHost is most famous recommend by WordPress.org web-hosting company)
2. Pick Best and Fast Loading Theme
After choose best hosting you need a very good and awesome looking design for your website, so you have to pickup an eye catching but fast loading theme for WordPress. there are many Free WordPress Themes available on the internet but if you want to buy premium theme then i recommend you to buy only from these sites, which are listed below:
  • ThemeForest (Themeforest is most popular having largest number of premium templates)
  • MojoThemes (Mojothemes also best and offer many premium themes)
  • ElegantThemes (Elegant is one of the best premium WordPress themes site)
3. Use an effective cache plugin
In WordPress cache acts an imported role in optimization of a webpage, it can decrease your webpage loading performance but if you properly clean it then your blog's page will load more quickly and smoothly. So for this you have to choose a best caching plugin for your website optimization. I recommend you to select W3 Total Cache Plugin, because of its superb awesome features and it is free therefore you can use it free of cost.. It automatically optimizes web performance, improve your site's user experience, clean your all webpage cache, optimizes  database and minify and save webpage load time and keep your site fast and healthy. And it is CDN (Content Delivery Network) supportive. So if you want to download W3 Total Cache Plugin then click here.
4. Always Optimize images
Always properly optimize your blog's images because large size images increase the load time of your web page, so always reduce the the size of images and then upload on your server and use it on your website. So for optimizing images the use WP Smush.it plugin as it automatically compress the JPEG images, converting Gifs to Indexed PNGs and much more. Click here to download WP Smush.it.
5. Optimize homepage to load quickly
Always shows less posts on homepage and do not use much widgets on homepage layout as it also increase the load time, if you will use less widgets and show only minimum posts then your website's homepage will load faster. You can control and set it from template settings.
6. Optimize WordPress database
As you know database is a data structure that stores your websites's organized information, without database you can't create any WordPress site, as your site linked with it therefore optimization of database is very necessary. I prefer you to use WP-Optimize as it automatically cleans and optimize your database without any manual queries. Download WP-Optimize here
7. Use CloudFlare with your hosting
If you want to add more speed and keep your website away from malicious attacks then must use Cloudflare, as it maximizes the performance of your WordPress website with free CDN service, moreover it hides your site's privacy from others. If you want to install Cloudflare with your hosting then click here to download Cloudflare plugin for your site.
8. Remove unnecessary Plugins
Use only those plugins which you need and do not install unnecessary plugins. If you remove unnecessary plugins from your layout then it will also Speed Up WordPress Blog or speed up WordPress site.

Final Words

These are the best tips which i actually use and my site's performance is fast and smooth. So if you have any conclusion on your mind regarding to Speed Up WordPress website then contact me or comment me below, i am here to help you.