How to Get Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan (Earn 25$ Free)

Now a days Online business activities is much popular in the world, everyone wants to earn some money through online source and it is right that you need money to fulfill your wishes. In other words for example you are a Publisher, Webmaster, Internet Marketer, Online Affiliate, Freelancer and want to get some extra money through foreign country companies and members but for this you have an online bank account and prepaid credit cards or prepaid debit cards for transactions. So in this tutorial i will tell you a best and very informative method for how to getting Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan for free.

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What is Payoneer and what is it need
Payoneer is an Online Internet financial services company that allows you to transfer money and receive payments along re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit cards and it supports and available to over 200 worldwide countries. With the help of it you will get Bank Account and Master Prepaid Card but if you want to get 25$ for free then create your account by my referral link.
What are Payoneer benefits
  • It is available over 200+ countries, mean you can use it almost everywhere. 
  • It gives you a free Bank Account, with this you can send and receive money to everyone. 
  • You can use MasterCard on almost every shopping mall and ATM Machines. 
  • It has low fees as compare to other online companies.

How to Get Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan and Earn 25$ for free?

With my referral link you will get 25$ free as a bonus, but when you load your account to 100$ the they will send your 25$ dollars as bonus. So see the method below step by step...

1. First Go to Payoneer Website and click on "Sign Up Now" Button and you will be redirecting to Account Registration page.
2. This is the 1st step and here you have to enter your Original Personal Details as same as on your National ID Card, like your First Name, Your Last Name, enter your Email Address for a twice and enter your Date of Birth (Same as your ID Card) and click on "Next" button.
Personal Details
3. This is the 2nd step and here you have to enter your Contact Details i.e. select your country name like i live in Pakistan so i have selected Pakistan as my home-country, Your complete Street Address, City Name, Postal Code and after this put your Mobile number or Landline number after this click on "Next" button.
Contact Details
4. This is 3rd step of Security Details here your Personal Password for a twice, after this select any listed security questions as your choice and type your answer in the blank field and after this click on "Next" button.
Security Details
5. This is the final step for signing up. Here you can select on of the listed options like (Driver's License | Passport | National Id). If you have Driver license then enter your license details, or if you have your own Passport then enter your All Passport details. But if you have not the above options then select National Id and enter your ID Card number, after this select your country again as select Pakistan and mark all below last three Agreement lines and click on "Next" button.
Type of government ID
Note: CNIC Card is compulsory to get your Master Card. In my Opinion select National ID option. And if you want get your MasterCard on other address except home address then simply mark and select "Shipping Address if DIFFERENT from HOME ADDRESS" option and enter your shipping details.
Almost Done
After completing those above steps Payoneer will sent a confirmation Link to your email address. Open that "Confirmation Link".
Thanks you page
Now you have successfully confirmed your account.
After your confirming your account your card will be shipping to your address, thus you have to activate it.
Important Note: Payoneer will send your Master Card to the post office. In my case my card was arrived to near post office when i have gone to post office to take my own card, postman says me that your card has arrived here but he could not ship to me because lots of work. So if your card will not arrive to your address then please go to your nearest post office and check your card but see arrival date on your account first.

How to get Activate Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan
When you will receive your Card then open and carefully read the paper because payoneer already put the activating information on it. If you know about the method then see below:
  1. Sign in to your Payoneer Account then click on "Activate your card"
  2. Choose your 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) and click on submit.
  3. You will receive an email from them after confirmation your activation.
How to verify Payoneer Account
  1. After getting your MasterCard you will receive an email asking if you want to apply for U.S Payment Service, now you have to verify US payment service that is not so difficult. Thus you have to upload your CNIC scanned photo copy of both sides and your account will be approved within 1 or 2 business days.
  2. You will an email and you have to reply with some answer easy questions/I.D card scanned copy. After you reply to the email, They will review the information and you will be approved for the U.S Payment Service within 2-3 business days. Nearly everyone got accepted for U.S Payment Service. If you don’t receive a reply within 3 days, then please contact their customer support and they will solve it.
  3. When you will get approved for US Payment Service, you will receive an email from Payoneer containing your Virtual Bank Account, including Routing Number and Account number information.

Got any Conclusion

With the above trick i have obtained my Master Card. The default duration for shipping is 2 to 3 weeks but sometime it will take less time cause of shipping postal address. In my case i was received my Card withing 10 days, maybe you will get your Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan withing one week or two or maybe after some more time.