Top Highest Paying URL Shortener Companies and Networks

Best URL Shortener networks that pays you high rates in the world. These link shortening services are absolutely free to use and trustfully by many peoples.
URL Shortening service is a best and simple way to make money online without any investment and professional knowledge. As these advertising companies has no requirements for joining their networks, therefore it is very easy to join them and use them, the only thing you have to do is shorting desire links and share them with your all friends on social media sites like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. So today I am going to share with you Top Best URL Shortener that pays highest rates to its registered users.

How to Use URL Shortener that pays you more

If you do not know that how to use them then don’t be worried, I will tell you simple ways for using it even If you are not a blogger and have not any running website. Thus you have to join one of them, two or three; it’s your choice, you can also use all below networks as they are all totally free to use and has no requirements for joining. The only thing you have to do is to short URL with one of below best URL Shortener custom and share them with your all social media friends and tell friends to visit them. Okay let me introduce best advertising networks with you:

URL Shortener that pays
Top Highest Paying URL Shortener

Top 6 Best URL Shortener Networks in the world

Below are the best short url services that helps you to earn money online with ease, these are legit and originally pays you. So first see their features and payout rates:
1. is a comprehensive newly way of making money online by sending short links to others and most popular URL Shortening Company having high rates as compare to all other networks. If you have great popularity on social sites then no one can stop you to become rich with But this company sends payments to its users on monthly basis. If you are ready to get started with then click here.

Payout requirement = $10
1000 USA unique hits = $10.00 CPM
Referral System = Yes
Withdraw = PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet

2. is one of the best and old short URL advertising companies now it also has popup and banner ads, have millions of users registered on its network. It gives its users best high paying rates as compare to others. It is safe and suitable for both publishers and advertisers. Its minimum payout rate is 5 dollars only; its mean when you will reach your minimum payment threshold, then you will be paid. It has many more other features, to join this network click here.

Payout requirement = $5
1000 USA Unique visits = $9.22
Referral System = Yes
Payment Option = PayPal or Payoneer

3. is a latest unconventional URL shortening service which allows you to make money online by simply sharing your links and use on your blog or send them to others. It has decent user rates and best for minimum payment threshold. Join

Payout requirement = $10
1000 Views from United States of America = $5 USD
Referral option = Yes
Withdrawal System = PayPal

It is simplest and fastest way to earn online income using Linkshrink, with this network you can make earning accurately by shrinking your links in a very short time. As it is more flexible and comfortable for both advertisers and publishers, so hurry up to get started with Linkshrink:

Payout requirement = 5 dollars
Earnings per Thousand Views from United State = $4.50
Referral Feature = Yes
Payment Option = PayPal or Payza

If you want to get paid for even a single person with your short URLs then join URL Shortener Network which gives you simple method to earn income online easily with its simple and fastest installation tools. Join by clicking on this link.

Payout requirement = 5 Dollars
Earn 1000 Views from United States = $3.50
Referral Feature = Yes
Withdraw Option = Payoneer and Paypal

Linkbucks url shorten website became more popular by its best service and have already paid 1.2 Million USD Dollars to its users while started over 5 years ago. It is more trustful website as same as to all above companies. So you should join linkbucks.

Payout requirement = 5 Dollars and 20 Dollars
Earn 1000 Views from US = $2.3
Referral Feature = Yes
Withdraw Option = Payoneer and Paypal

7. is shorten urls company one of the best known trustfully custom URL Shortener Service which is more popular among the users. It is very simple to use, if you are WordPress blogger then you can use its free plugin to increase your earnings. If you are interested in this service then join by clicking here.

Payout requirement = 5 Dollars
Earn 1000 Views from England = $2
Referral Feature = Yes
Withdraw Option = Payoneer and Paypal

Final Words

These are the Top best URL Shortener networks that pay highest rates in the world and these are simple to use advertising companies that you must use. If you have any issue or got any problem then do not be hesitate to contact with me. I will always try my best to respond and help my all readers and viewers. If you like this article and want more tips like that then do not forget to share this (Highest Paying URL Shortener) post with your friends on social networking sites.