How to Open Blocked Websites in Pakistan (Free VPN)

Many folks lived in Pakistan frequently search the ways for how to open blocked websites in Pakistan like YouTube and, The people dwelled in another state where some websites may not be sound and safe to obtain on the internet such as adult and porn websites are blocked due to certain reasons in some specific regions like Pakistan. But most people especially students who learns educational knowledge on YouTube and they do not see an easygoing way to access the desired blocked websites and they will verily want to know about How to Open Blocked Sites. When they type the url of blocked site it show something like that "Go on Blocked Websites". Most users, including my friends ask me continuously many questions about "how to open blocked websites" also says that "Web Page Blocked How to Unblock". So in this post i will tell my all visitors and friends very simple and easy to follow methods about "How to open blocked websites" with free VPN.
how to open blocked websites

How to Open Blocked Websites (Free VPN, Add-Ones and Proxy)

I have many methods to unblock blocked websites but here i in this article i will demonstrate three best but easy ways about how to open blocked websites. Choose and select that method that you could understand easily because you will confuse with the lots of methods about how to open blocked websites.
1. Unblock Blocked Wesites Using Free VPN Service
Virtual private network (VPN) expand your public network to personal network so that you could surf the web anonymously after installation or activation of VPN. There are many free third party VPN websites that gives you eligibility to surf the web anonymously. So these are the websites with free superb VPN services that i was personally use in previous days for How to Unblock Blocked Websites.  So these are the Free VPN sites for how to open blocked websites in Pakistan.
2. How to Open Blocked Websites Using Proxy
On the other hand this is another method for unblocking blocked websites using online proxy sites. Proxy sites are the sites with a specific purpose to give you reliability to access to the world wide web with anonymously. For sure if you search on Google or another related major search engine for surfing anonymously using proxy sites then surely you will find lots of proxy sites those give you free surfing with unlimited bandwidth thus you have to enter your inaccessible website's URL in proxy site and hit on the search or go button and Go on Blocked Websites. Here are the best proxy sites superb for how to open blocked websites, see the below
  • http://incloak.com/
  • http://4freeproxy.com/
  • http://unblock-proxy.com/
  • http://www.proxyvideo.net/
  • http://unblocksit.es/
3. Unblock Blocked Sites Free Using Browsers Add-Ons Extensions
Final method in this article is unblocked blocked websites using Add-Ones into your browsers This is the easiest method about how to open blocked websites that i use now a days without any issue and error. These are the extensions you will have to use in your major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini, only you have to do do is to click the link give below for your specific browser you use and turn on / activate on your browser and surf without any limit.

These are the extensions for How to open blocked websites:

Extensions For Mozilla Firefox Browser:

Extensions For Google Chrome Browser:

Extensions for Opera Mini:

Last Words for how to Open Blocked Websites

These are the best methods about how to open blocked websites that i consider them as easy as 1,2,3. Hope you will like my work, if you face any kind of issue related to this post then, contact me, i will solve it only for you... also share it with your friends if you appreciate me and my blog.