How to Start a Blog (Complete Guide for Beginner)

Start a blog is a first step to enter in the blogging journey, it is not hard to create a website but the tough thing is to carry your website on the top of your desires. Thousands of the people daily search the keyword "How to Start a Blog" on Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! etc. from all over the globe and it is necessary that they essentially want to learn about How to make a website but unfortunately most of the people did not find the answers of their questions because a lots of ways. But In this post I will tell you only two but very Clear and strong ways about Building a site.
how to start a blog
First Way for beginner!
If you have not money but have some knowledge about blogging or have money but haven’t experience then you should have to choose BlogSpot.com as a beginner, because when you shall earn some money and have some valuable Experience about blogging then you can also move from BlogSpot to WordPress.
Second way for experienced users!
And on the other matter if you have money for spending on your business and also have great experience about how to make money blogging then you should have to choose WordPress.org.

How to Start a Blog?

So do you want to start your own website, if yes! Then here you will find answers of your all questions about Starting a Blog for free. I know lots of easy to use methods for starting a blog but near to me there are two easy and perfect ways for both Beginners and Advanced users so I will tell you those two perfect and simple ways for starting a website. The one way is “Start a blog on Blogger” and the second is “Start a website on WordPress”. If you are new(a newcomer with having no experience to a particular activity) and have some basic knowledge but do not have money for purchasing Hosting for your site, then I will suggest you to start blogging with BlogSpot.com. Because BlogSpot.com gives you free hosting and more other features, Thus you will have spend 3$ to 10$ for purchasing your own blog's domain name and Learning How to Blog, if you want to buy domain name around 3$ then visit Godaddy Domain discount. And the other hand WordPress is much better than Blogger but for WordPress you have some great Knowledge and some money for spend on it.

Do you have ability for Starting a Blog on Blogger?
Blogger is a free blog publishing Platform made by Google. I have already told you on above paragraph that BlogSpot is perfect especially for beginners because of its lots of free features that can be easy to use for everyone.

I suggest you to use it for the following features:
  1. Blogger is very easy to use for everyone
  2. It gives you free Hosting
  3. A lots of free Blogger Templates
  4. And many other features...
Do you have eligibility concerning to Start a Free Blog on WordPress?
How to start a blog in WordPress. WordPress CMS (Content management system) is self-hosted platform, I mean it is a web software that helps to create your desire website only you should to buy hosting, template and domain name.

I recommend you to use it for the features described below:
  1. Thousands of free Plugins
  2. You are the Boss on your business
  3. It is fast SEO friendly
  4. And more other features...
Now your turn!
I have shared my experience about Starting a site, now you should make a better decision with deeply thought that which blogging platform is more suitable for you. Only choose that you deserved.


Those are the methods for Starting a website which are most convenient for me and I hope also for yours. If you got any question or any doubt related to this post (how to start a blog) then comment me on the below box, I will try my best to response you by deeply heart to my all users.