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How to Setup GoDaddy Domain Name on Blogger

Today we will learn a best and valuable lesson about adding Godaddy Domain in Blogger blog. After creating a blog on blogger, your blog contain sub-domain like "", that is not professional and users think that you are not serious about your blogging. So you have to put professional name like .com, .net, .org or some other great similar to those names. So today I have decided to share a very useful topic that how to setup godaddy domain name on blogger using Godaddy. So if you recently buy a website name then kindly read the whole post.

What is

Godaddy is world's largest internet domain name registrar and web hosting company in the world, which gives to its users cheapest domain names as low as they can. Every Pro Blogger including new ones buys their website names from this trustworthy affordable website, their services are reliable and very easy to manage.

Setup GoDaddy Domain Name to Blogger

How to Add Godaddy Domain Name in Blogger

When I was new to blogging that time I was also do not know that how to setup custom domain in blogger with Godaddy and I was facing different kind of problems for making properly setup. But now after 2 years and 6 months I am a smart webmaster and can easily setup any name on any platform. So for helping newbies I have read this topic with step by step screenshots, so that you would not face any problem. Okay let’s start to work...

Steps to Setup Custom Domain in Blogger using Godaddy

Steps for
1. Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic


2. Now go to Publishing >> Blog Address. Here below you will see a link “+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog”.
setup 3rd party url

3. Now here type the URL address of the domain you have recently purchased. Remember that it must be begun with WWW in order to work.
Blog Address

4. Click on Save
5. After the above step you will see an error as shown an example on above screenshot. There will be two CNAMEs listed below. Each CNAME is containing on two parts like [Name, Label or Host field] and [Destination, Targets or Points field]. The first CNAME is always be same for everyone like name being “WWW” and Destination “”, but the second CNAME is always be unique. (It different due to your Google account and on your blog’s address)

Thus you have to put the above blogspot values in Godaddy domain account. So now let see the below steps…

Steps for
1. Login to your Godaddy Account and Click on “My Account” link and then click on “Visit My Account” green color button

Go to My Account

2. Click on “Launch” button
Launch Domains

3. Now select that domain which you want to modify, like I have selected my android site url name, you can see an example in below screenshot

Modify Domain name

4. Click on “DNS Zone File” Tab

DNS Zone File

5. Now Select “Add Record” option to add all below blogspot ip addresses

Add Records

6. A popup box will appear, here select “A(Host)” option
A (host)

7. Now enter the below set of ip address step by step
Note: Put all the above records on A(Host), While entering the first ip address, click on “Add Another” button step by step for faster results, when you will put the last address then finally click on “Finish” button

Ip addresses

8. After completing the above process now you have to select “CNAME (Alias)” option
9. Here you have to enter www in Host Name and in Points and click and hit save button as shown in below image

10. After this again open CNAME (Alias) menu and put your unique blogspot record as same as the above step and save settings, example image has give below
CNAME (Alias)

Now are done.

Note: Your Godaddy name will be redirecting to your blogspot blog immediately but it takes 24 hours to take effects properly

Got Conclusion

This the simple step by step guide about how to Setup Godaddy Domain to Blogger. So if you face any kind of problem while setup then type your problems on the below comment section, I will be here to solve your issues. If this tutorial helps you a bit about adding Godaddy domain on blogspot blog then do not forget to share this post with your friends. (Remember me in your Prayers)
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